Monday, July 2, 2012

Market shopping

One day I went market shopping.  I had fifty Haitian dollars with me. (That's about $6.25 in US dollars.)  Shopping in Haiti is not like shopping in the states.  For example, most shopping in Haiti is outside.  Some things don't have prices, so you have to negotiate with the seller.  The other thing is that you can buy used stuff and new stuff at the same place.  It's kind of like a mall and a garage sale all at once.  But you can also buy food there too.  About 3 years ago, I went to the market with my mom and Nahomi in Petionville and I wrote this blog post about it.    

But this trip was different because I bought lots of different things, and I also negotiated for myself.

Here are the things I bought:  
This real pretty bag.  It looks almost brand new! 

These cool black(ish) jeans.  They have zippers at the ankles.
This peace sign t-shirt.   It reminds me of my friend Emily because one time she handed me down a peace sign shirt.  I think I want to make a collection of colorful peace sign shirts.  Peace is important.  This shirt and jeans were worn by someone before me so my mom made me wash them before I could wear them so I don't get lice.
I got this Chinese/American card box.  (These cards were BRAND new.)

These cool glasses. (new)

This perfume.  Don't be tricked.  It's not really poison, it's just called Poison.  But you still shouldn't drink it I don't think. (new)

Purple nail polish. (new)

Two lipglosses. (new)

These sparkly blue earrings.  (new)

This pink ring.
I spent the money I brought, plus my mom gave me another 25 gourdes, which brought my total up to 55 Haitian dollars-- or just a little less than $7US.  I like the market.  Sometimes it's kind of silly because you see dead animals and lots of rotting garbage.  I try not to go into the meat area because I almost threw up once because it can smell funny, too.   But I like the market.

And oh!  One more thing.  White people usually don't like going to the market because the sellers give them higher prices than they would give Haitian people.  But I got smaller prices than my sisters.  For example-- I bought nailpolish for 5 Haitian dollars, Sanndy had to pay 7.  I bought lip gloss for 3Haitian dollars each, and Sanndy had to pay 5 each.  Wow.  I think that's good.  I think that means I am a good negotiator. My mom says I am.

Love, Nia