Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Essay

Dear friends,

In school, I am learning about writing an essay.  Here is the first full essay I wrote.


I used to live in America but I moved to Haiti when I was five-years-old. Living in Haiti is different than living in America. Three of the things that are different are the shopping, the climate/ environment, and the food.

Shopping is different in Haiti because you don't usually go to a store. Instead you go to the Haitian street market. This market is outside and it is very crowded. In it you can buy food, used clothes, accessories, and sometimes, new clothes. And that's not even everything they have.

Haiti is very, very hot. Haiti is hotter than the United States because it is closer to the equator, making it a tropical environment. One good thing about Haiti being so hot is that you can go to the beach on Christmas. One bad thing is that there is no snow. Ever.

Haitians eat different kinds of food than Americans. Some of the main things we eat in Haiti are rice, beans, cornmeal, plantains, and lots of fresh fruit. Some of the foods we eat in Haiti are similar to the foods we eat in America, but Haitians eat them differently. For example, we eat beans in both places, but in Haiti, we make sauce out of them. Also people often eat spaghetti for breakfast, with ketchup on it!

So as you can see, living in Haiti is very different than living in America. Shopping is different. The climate is different. And the food is different. I have lived about half my life in each place and neither is better than the other. I guess you could say that I am part American and part Haitian.

Hope you enjoyed it.


Love, Nia