Monday, February 6, 2012

The rest of the book.

Hello everybody.

This is rest of my new book. We were supposed to do a page a day and then some days we had to skip school and some days our internet didn't work. Because it's working now we are just going to post the rest.

My mom laminated the pages and we got it bound into a real book in Jacmel, so now we can use it just like any other book! But only upstairs. Because it might get lost or ruined downstairs.

Thanks for keeping up. I am going to write another book in the series, but for now I am going to work on the game I am inventing called, "Adventure Dolls" so it might be a while.

I think that's it for today.


PS-- Leave me a comment about what is your favorite chapter and what is your favorite illustration.

PPS- My mom thinks the best illustration is chapter six. She doesn't have a favorite chapter yet.