Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All about babies like Dave

A couple of days ago I met a baby called Dave and his mother was named Michoue. I held the baby and I have a picture of that. He’s a nice cute little baby and I liked holding him. He was little and a tiny chubby, He was really cute, which I already said that, didn’t I? I really liked him and when Anise’s baby was born, which is one of Danny’s nannies, Nico said to my mom, “We have a new baby now!” And mom said, “No, it’s Anise’s baby.” And Nico said, “But Anise is going to come live with us now right?” And mommy said, “No.” And Nico understood that he wasn’t our baby.

Babies are cute but I don’t like when they spit up on me. I bet you don’t like that too. That’s enough about babies. And that’s enough on my blog post today. I didn’t want to talk about a lot. Just babies. Cause they are really cute.



Monday, November 23, 2009

How things are back in Haiti

Hey my friends,

I have had fun back in Haiti. You know I met Jean Louis because I mentioned it last time.

For the first time in a long time yesterday I went to the beach. It was good. The water was rough so we couldn't go in deep and there was a lot of seaweed. The Haitian people call the seaweed "fatra" which is the same word for trash.

Whiskey, who is one of Nixon's boys, he went out too deep and pulled out cause the ocean got really strong. He almost drowned. And then Mr. Danny and my dad were brave enough to go out and get him. And they helped him swim back. And everyone was okay. I really like that Whiskey came back and didn't drown. It was a little scary. My mom has told me that could happen and so that's why we're not allowed to go in deep unless she or daddy is holding me.

When I heard the name Whiskey that my mom said, I didn't really remember which boy of Nixon's he really was. But I know him now.

I have had a fun time at school today. I ate peanut butter toast for breakfast, but I didn't eat all of it because the peanut butter made my tummy hurt. I actually didn't even eat the toast, I just took some finger licks of the peanut butter. Prisca reminded me about the peanut butter and so I took another lick and she was right-- it WAS the peanut butter that made my tummy hurt. It's better now. Do you know how it tasted different? It actually didn't taste different, it just FELT different in my mouth. It was really light not thick.

I am sorry, the connection is really slow and we can't do pictures, but I will try to take some this afternoon and maybe I can share some on tomorrow or Wednesday.

I hope that you are doing good.



Friday, November 20, 2009

Meeting Jean Louis + getting a cheerleader outfit

Hey my friends-

I had a fun day yesterday and today. I got a cheerleader outfit in America from a friend named Anna. That day I had a fun day too. Do you know that I was at a party when I got it, because we went to Anna's house for the party? And she had two sets of pom poms and so she gave one set to me. I really liked my time with Anna.

And also, I met Jean Louis yesterday. He's nice. He's shorter than I thought he was. I colored with him yesterday. You'll see a picture of that. When Jean Louis colors, he likes to use a lot of colors in his picture. He's going to come over today too. Me and Jean Louis walked to the beach yesterday with my mom. It was nice, but the water was rough and garbage-y.

My heat rash came back. I think it might actually be an allergy to Haiti. Ha ha. Funny joke, huh? It's actually just heat rash.

My mom has scheduled my lessons for next week and as part of my school I am going to do blog posts 3 days next week.

I will post pictures next time.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

My time in America: The garbage truck + Monkey Joe's + my lunch with my friends + Halloween + snow

Dear my friends,

Tomorrow is my second to last day in America. On Wednesday we're leaving to go back to Haiti. It's very short to Wednesday. I don't really know what that means.

I have had a good time in America. I have had a doughnut and ice cream without my brothers going with me. I got to play in the snow in New York. On Halloween night of course I went trick or treating. I dressed up as a bride. My grandma made the costume. She didn't pin it, she sewed it. In Manteo we did, "Happy First Christmas" in the shed. I got to be Mary because last time I was the angel.

Here we go in pictures.

"X House" Why did the house have an X on it? You can tell us in your comments.
"Playing in the snow!"

Abbie, a shepherd. Me, Mary. Cana, the little baby Jesus.

Going out to lunch with Molly and Presley and their parents.

At Monkey Joe's. It was a fun party.

Josiah chewing on pizza.

Daddy about to take a bite of pizza.

Tucker's birthday cake.

Me and Grandad in his garbage truck!

I am sorry. I have to go now. And also, I am sorry because there are not a lot of pictures.

See you later. I will try to do it soon...


Saturday, October 3, 2009

My adventure with mom and two midwives

Dear friends,

Today I went on an adventure with two midwives. Anise went too because we were going to one of the midwives' house to check on Anise's baby. (She's pregnant now.)

After we brought Anise back we went to visit two little babies that were born yesterday. They were SO cute. And they were next door neighbors. Sarah (the midwife) helped the ladies have the babies. My mom went with her in the middle of the night last night to drive Sarah there.

Here's some pictures.

I hope you like the little baby pictures.

Me and Sarah measuring Anise. You do this to see how big the baby is.

Me and Sarah hearing the baby's heartbeats. I got to hear mine too. They baby heartbeat was faster and softer than my heartbeat because it had to go through Anise's skin, her uterus, the baby's skin and then to the heart. On mine it just had to go through my skin.

Me and Sarah feeling Anise's baby inside her tummy. It felt like the baby was laying sideways. The head was at the bottom and the back was on the left side and the arms and legs were on the right side. The butt was up top. Right here I am touching the baby's butt!

Sarah is showing me the chart for the weeks. Every week she measures Anise's tummy and feels around. Today she measured 37 cm. There are three more weeks left before the baby is born.

This is the little baby girl we went to visit. She does not have a name yet.

This is the baby girl and her mommy.
Sarah (one of the midwives) holding the little boy. The little boy was wearing PINK!

The mother and the little boy.

These are the little kids at that home. And me. They liked me a lot.

At this adventure, I had fun. It was a long trip. When we went home, my mom bought me a soda because I was really thirsty.

I will see you guys later.

Have a nice day.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My “Pulling Through Things” Magnet Experiment

We did an experiment today to try to figure out what magnets could pull through. We took a strong magnet and we put a piece of paper in between a pile of books. So this way, we could have it pull through the paper. We used a paper clip, a metal washer, a thumb tack, and a straight pin. By moving the magnet underneath the paper, we could make the stuff move all around, all around, all around. It even made the thumbtack dance, dance, dance.

Then we knew that magnets could pull through paper. So after that we tried cardboard. It could pull through it. The next thing was plastic. It could pull through that. And then we tried plastic and cardboard and paper together. And it could STILL pull through that. So THEN we tried a whole BOOK. And it could work through the book! But then we tried two books together. But that didn’t work. The magnet wasn’t strong enough to pull through two books.

The second part of our experiment was with magnets and water. We got a bowl of water and two corks. We put a thumbtack in each cork and then set them in the water. The corks floated. Then we took the magnet and put it under water and we could move the corks across the water with the magnet. And then we put the magnet under the water and we could pull the corks under the water and make them stay with the magnet—even though they usually float.

Wow. Magnets are strong.

See you later.
There’s no pictures for today. I’m sorry.


PS- We took Bigsby to the beach and we put him in the deep water where he could not stand. And he did NOT drown. He stayed up! He could swim! Bigsby knows how to swim and he’s only eight weeks old. That was cool. I love Bigsby. He’s a cute cutie!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some answers to all your questions.

Some people have asked questions in the comments, so I want to answer them:

1. Titi-
I am not mean to my sister Fritzie. But I do sometimes a little bit spill. It's not the same stinky mattress-- we bought a new mattress and bed.

2. Nana-
We can go the beach a lot when you're here. We can walk to the beach too but we can't swim at that beach. There's a thing in the water that pulls people far out into the ocean. (Mom's note: a strong current... plus it's the filthiest thing you've ever seen.)

3. Grandma-
I am you're learning about Haiti from my blog.

4. Tammy-
I remember you Tammy!

My joke

I made up a joke the other day. Why don't I tell you it right now.
Question: "What do people up in the mountains call the bathroom?"

Answer: A bush!

That's funny because a lot of people there don't have bathrooms and pee in the bushes.

This is a different story now.
Today at school I was doing school and Nixon came down with a tray. And he gave me and Nico a strawberry Mexican drink that Sandra made, because she used to live near Mexico. It was a little hot like coffee. It was in a little coffee cup and had a plate that went under that matched. And Nixon gave us spoons too. It's really good. It made me feel really good.

Tonight we are sleeping at where my school is-- Nixon and Sandra's house. Mom and Dad are going to go out on a date and this way they can stay up late.

It's just over a month until I go to the States to visit!

I love you.
Have a nice day.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Girls day

Dear My friends,

A couple of days ago I had a girls day. It's like a day that only girls are at one house. The boys were having a boys day going to Port Au Prince. The people were at home were: Fritizie, Mommy, Me, Nahomie, and Esther.

We went to the beach. Mama Leann brought some of her girls to the beach too: Riann, Tina, Slendia, Vania, Elinda, Blanca, Magdaline, Diane. I played in the water mostly. They had buckets there (like toys and stuff) so I filled one of the buckets with sand and then I found a long stick and I'd take the bucket and stick into the water. And then I'd try to write on the sand but I couldn't because the water was emptying all the sand out of the bucket. I wrote a little bit on it. I pretended to write words in cursive, even though I don't know hot to write in cursive yet. That's why I was pretending.

At the end of the girls day daddy came home and brought back our new chen (that's dog in Kreyol). His name is Bigbsy.

Here's some picture of our girls day.

Me snuggled and sleeping in mommy and daddy's big bed.

Mommy, Fritzie and Esther at breakfast.

We ate French Toast and we all drank from pink cups and white plates. Do you think those were good girl colors?

More eating.

Fritzie holding the fish that Nahomie is going to cook for lunch.

Fritzie and me in our material-made covers. You take a long piece of material and put it behind your back. Then you bring it in the front and take the two corners and cross it behind your neck and tie it. It's a cool cover. Ms. Pam taught me that cause she used to live in Africa.

Me and Fritzie at the beach. We were looking for crabs here. We found some. Fritzie found some so she was showing us. Fritzie is smiling but I am making my face silly.

Fritzie sticking out her tongue.

Me and our new little fuzzy dog, Bigsby.

I also got a french manicure on my nails that day but it kind of got chipped off in the ocean.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Experiment: Magnets

Dear my friends,

Today I did an experiment. It was about magnets.

The first thing we did was get a magnet out and a couple different things from in the box and around Sandra's house.

Then we made a chart. We tried to guess what things a magnet would stick to and which things it wouldn't think it would stick to.

The things I thought it would stick to is:
-a washer
-a nail
-a paper clip
-a marble
-a spoon

The things we thought it WOULDN'T stick to were:
-a cork
-a book
a clothespin

The things is ACTUALLY stuck to were:
-a washer
-a nail
-a paperclip
-a clothespin (but only the metal part)
-a spoon

The things it didn't stick to were:
-a cork
-a marble
-a book
-a clothespin (it wouldn't stick to the wooden part)

So our guesses were almost right. The marble did not stick. I thought it would but it didn't.

I loved this science experiment.

I have to go now.

See you later.



Monday, September 14, 2009

The team and going to Port Au Prince with dad

Dear my friends,

Today is Monday. I went to Port Au Prince with daddy on Saturday. I had fun. When I got there we went to the store. We bought a tarp, we bought water bottles, we bought Bon Bon (Haitian cookies), batteries, cheese, and bread. After that we drove to Dominoes Pizza to pick up pizza for the team. I ate some of it. The only kind I ate was pepperoni. This was the first time I have had pizza since Josiah's birthday (June 1.) It was delicious.

After we picked up the pizza, I waited in the car for the team to get on the bus at the airport. Bob brought me on the bus and introduced me. This is big team. There are 18 people. I got to ride in the bus with them back to Jacmel. I walked around a little bit on the bus ride to sit with different people. We talked. I like meeting teams because I get to meet new people and I get to speak English with them.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a busy day. We had to go to church. We went to the beach. It started raining when we were at the beach so we had to go home. It rained REALLY hard on the way home. Lots of hard stuff. And then we had campout. It was hard because we had to get three mattresses out. Mommy fell asleep before the movies even started. She didn't get to watch the movies but that's okay because she was too tired. This morning she asked me if we watched movies because she didn't even know we watched movies. She was sleeping too much. After Daddy got up in the morning, I cuddled up with Mommy. And then I noticed it was light and I realized I hadn't slept the WHOLE night. And then I fell asleep sometime this morning. So I am pretty tired.

On this blog I don't have any pictures but I will try to get some pictures this week.

I love you.

Have a good day.



Friday, September 11, 2009

I started school!

Dear friends,

Four days ago I started school. I am still doing it almost everyday. Today is the day before I am doing my big break from school (Mom's editorial note: she means the weekend. :)

I really love school. It's fun here. We get to see Sandra for a little bit. My favorite thing to learn about is manners. I learned about manners today. It was about body language. I learned that sometimes your body can say something different than your words are saying.

I also learned how to tie. I will do a separate blog post teaching you all how to do that soon. When my arms get long enough and my neck gets long enough so I can see behind my back, I will be able to tie my dresses in the back. I can't tie in the back yet, but I can tie my shoes. Or I could help mommy tie her dress in the back if she needed it.

Here's some pictures. Now that we're back in school I can do blogs more often.

I hope you like my pictures.

One of the pictures in my alliteration book. I am not actually on "C" I am on "H." Today's alliteration I wrote was this, "Henry has honey ham." An alliteration is when you have a sentence and all the words start with the same letter. I am making a book of the whole alphabet with alliterations and pictures.

Mommy drinking coffee. We also have two other pictures of it. One of her holding it by her face because she loves it and one other of mommy kissing it. She really loves coffee.

My lesson plans for today and the books we used today.

I have to go now, my friends. I'll see you later.

Bye, my friends.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Fritzie's first day

My friends,

Today was Fritzie's FIRST day with us. I had fun. It was kind of busy too though. The best part about it was getting a sister. I have wanted one for a long time, so that's the REALLY best part.

Here's some pictures of our busy day.

Nahomie helping Fritzie unpack.

Fritzie trying on her new white skirt and pink shirt. She looks cute.

Here she's saying goodbye to Candice and Amos. She lived with them for two months. But she lives with us now!

Mom painting Fritzie's fingernails. I got mine painted the same color. In the morning we're going to put the same kind of sparkles on them too.

Fritzie tickling me! (And holding me.)

Fritzie and me and daddy and mommy played "Pet Shop." Aunt Bonnie gave me this game a long time ago. Fritzie loved it. We also played Zingo and Candyland. Her favorite game was Zingo. (Presley gave me that game.) She did not love it when she was playing Candyland and had to go all the way back to Plumy. She was almost finished.

I miss you guys already. It's been a long time and I can't wait to visit. You can come visit me if you want. And if you do, you can meet Fritzie.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Me and my lunch with Fritzie

Hi friends,

Today I had lunch with Fritzie. I liked playing with her. Did you know that Fritzie is going to become our first HCH kid? She's cute. She's moving in tomorrow. I can't wait.

This is Fritzie. She's 13 years old. As you can see, her eye is a little sick.
We are going to try to get an operation to fix it.

Josiah, Nico, Me, and Fritzie.

We asked her what her favorite color was. She said it was pink. So we decided to get her rainbow striped sheets because they have pink in them. We also got her 2 towels that are peach-ish pink.

I will tell you more about it when Fritzie moves in. I can't wait. Even though I already said that.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Me and my sleepover yesterday and my company tonight

Dear my friends,

Yesterday night I had a sleepover with two of the Pye kids. They came over and I slept in the living room on an airbed. All three of us slept in one bed. And my mom and dad also brought their mattress in the living room. And Nico slept on two chairs that we have in our living room that we squished together so you can sleep on them. We watched a movie called, "Ella Enchanted" and then in the morning we watched, "Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement." I had a good time.

And then tonight I had company. Tonight before the company came over in the evening, I didn't know this but I slammed my toe into something (that I don't remember doing). It made my toenail lose, and it broke off. Except for a little bit hanging on the toe. It hung on a little bit and made it look like a door. Georgette pulled it off for me. It hurt a little bit. The other nail is already growing in though.

Nico awake (but very tired) on his special pillow.

Magdaline, Elinda and me. Sleeping. On the airmattress. (Editorial note: Magdaline obviously got cold and put the fitted sheet over her head...)

Magdaline and Josiah. Magdaline's skin has a sickness where she's called an albino. If she didn't have this, her skin would be brown like most Haitian people. But she is an albino so her skin is white. Well, peach. She needs to be very careful in the sun or she will get sunburned like white people do. She wears sunscreen like me. Phewf! I don't want her to get burned and I am glad she wears sunscreen. Like most Haitians do... just kidding, most Haitians don't really wear sunscreen.

Mommy sticking out her tongue. It looks funny because she's looking at her tongue. I can't look at my tongue.

Blayne and my webkin cat. The cat's name is Hannah.

I have to go now. Well, I will see you later.
Bye (I am waving to you.)


Monday, August 10, 2009

Me and my crown.

My friends,

Today I made a crown. I made it out of a vine and I pulled the vine down. It was by the itchy plant. So I pulled it down (it wasn't the itchy plant don't worry.) And I curled it up and tied it. And then I took a flower from the ground and stuck it in the tie-in.

I didn't have any help, I did it all myself.

This is the first picture. "Me in my crown." I like my crown because it has a pink flower. It smells good. It smells like a lot of strawberries crumbled together.

The plant in the left corner you see has little points on it. And it doesn't just hurt you, it makes you itchy. So don't touch your screen in the left corner or else you'll get itchy.

I have to go now. Will you thank me for writing before 85 days?


Why did the chicken cross the road?

The answer is:
Cuz there was a crowd of men trying to shoot, kill it that way they could eat it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Me and the team on the team's week here

Dear my friends,

I hope you're having a good time. There are 85 days until we go visit America. It's Friday, August 7 today.

Tonight we had church. I cried when I found out the team was leaving. We had a team here for one week. They were from America. The United States of America. This week we did 4 days of Bible school. It was in the mountains. The town was called Chabin.

VBS was FUN. The last day of VBS we got balloons. But one of the boys were crying because he lot his balloon. So I gave my balloon to him. I served food every day. I did games. My favorite games were the water games. It cooled me down. Ahhh! Almost everyday I was in the green class. Just once I was in the yellow class. Do you know what my favorite thing about the yellow class was? No? I will tell you. My favorite thing about the yellow class is that the CRAFTS are first. And I like the crafts.

I liked this team a lot. Chelsea Loomis was on it. And Chelsea Cyr. And Ms. Teresa. And Spencer and Eli. And Jenna. And Merry. And Cecily. And Mr. Eddie and Mrs. Tracy. We had lots of fun. I already told you this but I was really, really, really sad when the team left.

Here are a few pictures from our week.

This is Ms. Teresa at VBS. I like Ms. Teresa. I like her because I like to hang out with her. She has a cute little skirt. It has flowers all over it.

This is me in my "Joy in Hope" shirt. I like that shirt because it's pink. And you KNOW I like pink.

Me serving food. It's FUN serving food. Nico got mad because he couldn't serve food because he was too little. Every VBS day we ate beans and rice. They are good. The first two days we had hotdogs with it. And then we started having fish for two days. I liked both of them the same.

Me on the slip and slide with Chelsea Cyr and Tina.
I have to go now but I will see you guys later. I will see you in 85 days but I will probably blog before 85 days. Maybe I won't.