Friday, May 28, 2010

My Alliteration book

My friends,

My alliteration book was fun to do. I finished it today. An alliteration is a sentence where each word begins with the same letter or sound.

I wrote and illustrated it. We did every letter of the alphabet in order.

Here's a few pictures from it.

Here are the alliterations I chose for each letter.
  • Annie ate an awesome apple.
  • Bobby's brown bed became blue.
  • Connie's cat can claw curtains.
  • Donnie's dog does dishes.
  • Ellie Elephant eats everything.
  • Fritzie Freff feels fuzzy feathers.
  • Gail gives good girls great gum.
  • Henry has honey ham.
  • In India, Ida ices icky iguanas.
  • Joyful Jennifer jumps jelly.
  • King Ken kissed kind kittens.
  • Lila Loose loves ladybug's laughs.
  • Mikey's mom makes more music.
  • Nico's niece, Nia, naps noisily.
  • Old octopi own orange olives.
  • Peter Pan paints pennies pink.
  • Queen Quack quilts quickly.
  • Ryan ropes rare rabbits.
  • Sammie sips strawberry soda.
  • Tink Toodles talks tough.
  • Uncle Ulysses unties underwear.
  • When will William Wong want wonderful wontons?
  • Xavier xrays xylophones.
  • Yolanda yawns yellow yarn.
  • Zachary zips zero zippers.
This book took me a long time to do. We started over a year ago and finally finished today.

I am sad and happy that I finished the book. I am sad because I can't do it anymore. I am happy because I finished it.


Thursday, May 27, 2010


My friends,

I just found out, well, not I JUST found out, but a couple of days ago I found out I have a loose tooth. Actually, 2 loose teeth.

This is what I really wanted to talk about. It's so amazing how much teams have come. There's four that's come in the past weeks and days. Some of their names were Mia, Molly, Jack, Mr. Dave, Mrs. Vicky. Doris and Janice today. Brenda and Brittany and Amanda and Jarius. Maybe some other people from North Carolina too, but I can't remember their names.

We're having good times with them being here. One group made screens for the windows in the orphanage. Another group checked our teeth and taught a class on how we can brush our teeth properly.

It's kind of good having a lot of teams here because I don't get to speak English a lot and I am forgetting my English. That's bad. Sometimes I forget some English words and I can only remember what they are in Kreyol and then I have to ask mommy to remind me what they are in English. So I really like teams because I can practice my English.

I can't think of anything else to say about teams.

Love, Nia

Friday, May 21, 2010

List of favorites

  • favorite food- Macaroni and cheese
  • favorite color- pink or purple
  • favorite movie- Dr. Doolittle
  • favorite song- Happy Day
  • favorite place to be- restaurant
  • favorite music group- crosspointe
  • favorite brother- can't say, but the cutest brother is Josiah
  • favorite sister- can't say, but the cutest sister is Wildarne
  • favorite mom- my mom
  • favorite dad- my dad
  • favorite car- our car
  • favorite toy- baby doll
  • favorite game to play- Pet shop (I have had Pet Shop for 2 years)
  • favorite Bible verse- Phillipians 2:4 (I only know it in Creole though)
  • favorite thing to do on the weekend- crafts
  • favorite sport- t-ball
  • favorite teacher- can't say because my teacher right now is my mom
  • favorite thing I hope to get for my birthday on July 1- craft stuff, because I am kind of like an artist

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Dear my friends,

Didn't I surprise you doing this? I was planning to do this because I wanted to trick you. No, I really wasn't planning to not do it in a long time, I just forgot.

My life has changed a lot. I don't know how much has changed, but I feel different. I feel different because I have too many people to talk to. I have to play whatever they tell me to play. These people are my sisters and brothers.

These are my brothers and sisters names:
Jean Louis- he's very funny
Jerry- he's very naughty
Fritzie- the oldest kid in the family
Yves- has had three boils on his body since we've had him
Wildarne- likes to play babies a lot
Prisca- I know how to spell her name
Nico- The same as Jean Louis
Josiah- fè dezod (makes trouble)
Then there's me. Nia Mangine. I like to do the right things.

I know how to speak Kreyol now. Like this, "blah blah blah blah." (just kidding.)

Okay. I will try to blog tomorrow. Maybe I will take some pictures. Of Haiti. Where I live.