Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All about babies like Dave

A couple of days ago I met a baby called Dave and his mother was named Michoue. I held the baby and I have a picture of that. He’s a nice cute little baby and I liked holding him. He was little and a tiny chubby, He was really cute, which I already said that, didn’t I? I really liked him and when Anise’s baby was born, which is one of Danny’s nannies, Nico said to my mom, “We have a new baby now!” And mom said, “No, it’s Anise’s baby.” And Nico said, “But Anise is going to come live with us now right?” And mommy said, “No.” And Nico understood that he wasn’t our baby.

Babies are cute but I don’t like when they spit up on me. I bet you don’t like that too. That’s enough about babies. And that’s enough on my blog post today. I didn’t want to talk about a lot. Just babies. Cause they are really cute.



Monday, November 23, 2009

How things are back in Haiti

Hey my friends,

I have had fun back in Haiti. You know I met Jean Louis because I mentioned it last time.

For the first time in a long time yesterday I went to the beach. It was good. The water was rough so we couldn't go in deep and there was a lot of seaweed. The Haitian people call the seaweed "fatra" which is the same word for trash.

Whiskey, who is one of Nixon's boys, he went out too deep and pulled out cause the ocean got really strong. He almost drowned. And then Mr. Danny and my dad were brave enough to go out and get him. And they helped him swim back. And everyone was okay. I really like that Whiskey came back and didn't drown. It was a little scary. My mom has told me that could happen and so that's why we're not allowed to go in deep unless she or daddy is holding me.

When I heard the name Whiskey that my mom said, I didn't really remember which boy of Nixon's he really was. But I know him now.

I have had a fun time at school today. I ate peanut butter toast for breakfast, but I didn't eat all of it because the peanut butter made my tummy hurt. I actually didn't even eat the toast, I just took some finger licks of the peanut butter. Prisca reminded me about the peanut butter and so I took another lick and she was right-- it WAS the peanut butter that made my tummy hurt. It's better now. Do you know how it tasted different? It actually didn't taste different, it just FELT different in my mouth. It was really light not thick.

I am sorry, the connection is really slow and we can't do pictures, but I will try to take some this afternoon and maybe I can share some on tomorrow or Wednesday.

I hope that you are doing good.



Friday, November 20, 2009

Meeting Jean Louis + getting a cheerleader outfit

Hey my friends-

I had a fun day yesterday and today. I got a cheerleader outfit in America from a friend named Anna. That day I had a fun day too. Do you know that I was at a party when I got it, because we went to Anna's house for the party? And she had two sets of pom poms and so she gave one set to me. I really liked my time with Anna.

And also, I met Jean Louis yesterday. He's nice. He's shorter than I thought he was. I colored with him yesterday. You'll see a picture of that. When Jean Louis colors, he likes to use a lot of colors in his picture. He's going to come over today too. Me and Jean Louis walked to the beach yesterday with my mom. It was nice, but the water was rough and garbage-y.

My heat rash came back. I think it might actually be an allergy to Haiti. Ha ha. Funny joke, huh? It's actually just heat rash.

My mom has scheduled my lessons for next week and as part of my school I am going to do blog posts 3 days next week.

I will post pictures next time.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

My time in America: The garbage truck + Monkey Joe's + my lunch with my friends + Halloween + snow

Dear my friends,

Tomorrow is my second to last day in America. On Wednesday we're leaving to go back to Haiti. It's very short to Wednesday. I don't really know what that means.

I have had a good time in America. I have had a doughnut and ice cream without my brothers going with me. I got to play in the snow in New York. On Halloween night of course I went trick or treating. I dressed up as a bride. My grandma made the costume. She didn't pin it, she sewed it. In Manteo we did, "Happy First Christmas" in the shed. I got to be Mary because last time I was the angel.

Here we go in pictures.

"X House" Why did the house have an X on it? You can tell us in your comments.
"Playing in the snow!"

Abbie, a shepherd. Me, Mary. Cana, the little baby Jesus.

Going out to lunch with Molly and Presley and their parents.

At Monkey Joe's. It was a fun party.

Josiah chewing on pizza.

Daddy about to take a bite of pizza.

Tucker's birthday cake.

Me and Grandad in his garbage truck!

I am sorry. I have to go now. And also, I am sorry because there are not a lot of pictures.

See you later. I will try to do it soon...