Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grandma-- this is for you.


I have two pairs of glasses so I took some pictures with them both on like you wear. I hope you like them.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hello Everybody-

Dear My Friends,

I hope you're having a good time and lots of fun. I think that's the same thing (a good time and lots of fun.)

Today and last night I played in the pool. It's a little pool. It's fun. I live in an apartment in Port Au Prince for mommy and daddy's language school. It's fun living in a new house and having a new mosquito net for my bed.

I realized my blog is named the wrong thing. I think it was supposed to be "di fromaj" that means, "say cheese" in Creole. I am learning more Creole. I am learning it by my mom and dad. And Naomi. Naomi is our "helper." Naomi helps clean our house and watches the kids while my mom and dad are in language school. She's Haitian. I like her. Especially her new hair. It's long and braided. I love it. Nico and Josiah love it too. Nico keeps saying, "Mom, Naomi is CUTE!"

There's bugs here tonight. It's a swarm. Swarm means a lot of bugs in each house. They are not biting bugs but I still hate them. They fly. They are all over. It's not fun having a swarm. Or funny.

Church in Haiti is fun. I went to church. Today I learned about helping and last time I learned about sharing. I get to go to children's church. That's where I leared about helping and sharing. There's other kids there. I have fun. You guys don't know this but, I know that they speak English at this church in Port Au Prince. It's my church. Well sort of my church. It's everyone's who goes there.

Maybe tomorrow I can post some pictures.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

La bouyi

Dear all my friends,

Tonight for dinner I ate la bouyi.  It's like a milky porridge that sort of tastes like oatmeal.  The kids here eat it for dinner a lot.  I like it middlesized.  I don't love it but I don't not like it.  Josiah loves la bouyi.  Today for lunch we had a Haitian soup.  It had carrots.  It had plantains.  It had potatoes.  It had dumplings, which I like to call wipers.  I don't know why I call them that.  But I do.  I love wipers.  It also had spinach or something in it.  I had two bowls of it.  It also had a little meat in it. It was really yummy but I didn't care for the plantains in it.  Neither did my mom.  But my dad liked that part so he ate all our plantains.

We went to our new house today to unpack a little bit.  I was a good helper.

I had fun today.  I made a crown.  My dad helped me.  He cut it out.  It has hearts on it and it is red and pink.  In creole red is called wouj and pink is called woz.  I am wearing the crown right now.

This is my day.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I went to the store today.

Dear all my friends that read my blog,

I hope you're having a great day. And I want to tell you that I went to the store with my dad today. The store is very fun. The store that I went to is smallish big... middle. It's a little different than the US. It's different because people speak different languages. We got some cake mix, we got some bread, we got some laughing cow cheese, (and some milk cheese-- which is pretty much the same thing as laughing cow cheese but less expensive, but almost the same taste and is the same color) and we got some chocolate for mommy. But she won't share it with us. I am sad about that.

I had a Haitian lunch today. It was good. It was rice with beans and sauce. It had coconut in it too. It also had hot dog in it. And then later I had some macaroni and cheese for a snack. But for the other kids, it was their lunch because mommy and daddy and I ate all the rice and beans while they were napping.

We got our internet phone hooked up today and I got to talk to Nana and to Grandma. Let me know if you'd like me to call you because now I can because it's free.

I am having fun today.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Some of Nia's pics...

We didn't have internet before and now that we do she is sleeping... so I thought I would put them up so you (her blog-reading friends) can see... check back later... perhaps she will wish to edit with comments...

EDITED TO ADD: Nia is up and wanted to name her pics... so here you go.

A kid at the beach doing a handstand

Josiah standing on the sand at the beach

The beach: Water, land, a view

Water and sky and part of a broken boat.

Grandma, I want to show you this picture. Because I know that you made this shirt for the boys. We gave this shirt to the neighbor boy, Farfar, when we were here last November, and he passed it down to his sister, Micheline. She was wearing it today. Cool, huh?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

No pictures today.

Dear all my friends that read my blog,

I want to say that I don't have any pictures today.  But I am blogging today.  I will take some tomorrow.  It's been a very good day today.  I played in the rain with my bathing suit on.  It was so fun.

Elinda is one of my friends here.  And Tina.  And Vania.  And Riann. And Slendia.  And also all of the Haitian Children's Home.

Sorry I haven't been able to make phone calls.  Hopefully I can call some of you soon!


Friday, May 1, 2009

This is Haiti.

My mom unpacked my camera. Some of the pictures on it were old. Some of the pictures were from MTI in Colorado. Some were from my trip to Haiti with my mom and Nana and Auntie Gretchen and Auntie Kristi. It's VERY fun moving here. I took some new pictures.

I am learning how to speak Creole. You know what? Elinda is learning how to speak English. We're teaching each other.

I am going to church tonight but my brothers aren't going. Because Nico got a bite and it's swollen so he had to take Benadryl. Josiah isn't going because he's a baby and he is a little sleepy.

The thing that's interesting is that everyone that is in the Haitian Children's Home (not so much everybody but some of the kids in the Haitian Children's Home) let me take pictures of them whenever I want. I will share some of those soon.

For now here are some other pictures.


This is the gate at the Haitian Children's Home.

This is mommy smiling with makeup on when we're going to church. She is beautiful.

This is my diary when I was talking about moving to Haiti. It is really cool.

This is me starting my diary.

This is Daddy and Josiah sitting on the plane.

This is me in headphones and sitting in my seat on the plane when we were flying. My mom took this one.

This is Fatina's shop at the beach. It sells a lot of really pretty stuff.

This is Nixon and me in Jacmel.

This is all the jewelry at Fatina's shop. Not all of it, but I just couldn't make the picture big enough.