Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I moved to Haiti

Hello friends,

I just moved to Haiti.  I can't wait to visit.

Today I went to the beach.  I ate there too.  I ate salad, french fries, ketchup, and had some tomatoes in my salad.  I didn't eat my salad though because I didn't care for it.  Or my tomatoes.  So I just ate french fries and ketchup.  And there was a sandwich.  It was ham and cheese.  I didn't eat the bread because it had tomato juice on it.  And remember, I don't care for tomatoes.

This afternoon I am going to take a little rest, write in my diary (I got a new diary yesterday-- it locks and everything!).

Our family got a new truck.  It is gold colored.  I got to ride in the back of the truck yesterday with my mom.  It was fun.

We also have a new house and I have my own room.  It is pinkish peach.  I like the color. I love my room.

Now that we moved here to Haiti, we are going to try to update you every day.  I am sorry I haven't written in so long.  My mom got really busy and wouldn't help me.  I will take pictures too to show you our new life.

Bye bye for now.


  1. So, I'm picking up that you don't like tomatoes. Is that right? :)
    I am glad you love your new house. I can't wait to see more pictures of it!
    Mwe remen ou (I'm sure I spelled that wrong), but I'm sure you know it means I LOVE YOU!
    Auntie Gretchen

  2. I'm glad you're posting again. I didn't like tomatoes when I was your age, either, but I like them now. I'm your mom and dad, aunts and uncles, and grandma's friend Connie from Creation- my AIM is scpreacherspice, because I lived in South Carolina when I made my id, so SC, and I'm a pastor, so the preacher part, and my last name is Garlick - like the spice garlic.

  3. Hey Nia! This is Lucie and Lilah Nettles. We went to church with you at Crosspointe before we moved to Louisiana. We miss you and you are still really pretty. We hope you're having fun in Haiti. What are you doing this weekend? We are having fun in Louisiana. What are you doing in your new country?
    Lucie and Lilah

  4. Yay! Welcome back to the blogging world, Nini! I'm glad you love your new house; I can't wait to see pictures!

    PS-- I don't care for tomatoes, either.

  5. Nia Belle,

    This is Miss Cece. I am so glad you are blogging about Haiti!!! I wish I could go to the beach again. Did you go with the HCH kids again?? Watch out for sunburns!!!! You'll have to keep me posted on that cool garden you have in your new house. I hope you are having a great time in Haiti. Have fun learning Creole. I am thinking about learning Creole too... since I already speak pretty good French. Don't be a stranger!! And keep on blogging!!! GOD BLESS!!! SMILE!!

    cece :)

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