Monday, September 26, 2011

This is how my first day of school went.

Today I went to school. It was my first day of school. At first, I was kind of nervous but when I got there, I met a friend right away. I can’t remember her name. She speaks English. She speaks more English than Kreyol. She’s black but I don’t know if she’s Haitian or not. Here's a picture of me talking to her. Can't find me? Here's a hint-- I am the only white girl.

The teacher, Madam Nicole, said I was the best in the class. I wonder if I really am or if she was just saying that to make me feel good. It did make me feel good.

When I got to school today I thought I was supposed to be in second grade, but, when they took me to my class it turned out I was supposed to be in third grade. So, I had to look at someone else’s book during class and then buy the third grade books after class.

One thing that’s a little difficult is that the class is in French. I speak English and I speak Kreyol, but I only speak a little bit of French. So, thank goodness, I didn’t tell my teacher I speak French, so she is giving me two weeks to learn French and she will translate for me into Kreyol until then. So I guess I will speak French in two weeks. I was going to tell her that I didn’t need most of her translations, but then I remembered if she gave me some time to learn MORE French that would be better… so I kept it a secret.

I will keep you posted!

Love ,


  1. Wonderful Nia! I bet you were the best student in the class because you are so polite and well behaved. Plus, you were probably listening very hard to all your teacher was saying. It will be easy to remember her name because it is like your Dad's! I hope to call you tonight to see how day 2 went, but keep blogging if you can! I am proud of you! love, Grandma

  2. Bonjour Nia! Je m'appelle Stacey!

    (I said Hi Nia, My name is Stacey).

    I know some french. I'll be coming to Jacmel in a few weeks. Maybe you can tell me some of the french you have learned. :)

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