Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Me and my sleepover yesterday and my company tonight

Dear my friends,

Yesterday night I had a sleepover with two of the Pye kids. They came over and I slept in the living room on an airbed. All three of us slept in one bed. And my mom and dad also brought their mattress in the living room. And Nico slept on two chairs that we have in our living room that we squished together so you can sleep on them. We watched a movie called, "Ella Enchanted" and then in the morning we watched, "Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement." I had a good time.

And then tonight I had company. Tonight before the company came over in the evening, I didn't know this but I slammed my toe into something (that I don't remember doing). It made my toenail lose, and it broke off. Except for a little bit hanging on the toe. It hung on a little bit and made it look like a door. Georgette pulled it off for me. It hurt a little bit. The other nail is already growing in though.

Nico awake (but very tired) on his special pillow.

Magdaline, Elinda and me. Sleeping. On the airmattress. (Editorial note: Magdaline obviously got cold and put the fitted sheet over her head...)

Magdaline and Josiah. Magdaline's skin has a sickness where she's called an albino. If she didn't have this, her skin would be brown like most Haitian people. But she is an albino so her skin is white. Well, peach. She needs to be very careful in the sun or she will get sunburned like white people do. She wears sunscreen like me. Phewf! I don't want her to get burned and I am glad she wears sunscreen. Like most Haitians do... just kidding, most Haitians don't really wear sunscreen.

Mommy sticking out her tongue. It looks funny because she's looking at her tongue. I can't look at my tongue.

Blayne and my webkin cat. The cat's name is Hannah.

I have to go now. Well, I will see you later.
Bye (I am waving to you.)



  1. Wow, Nia! I am surprised that you didn't feel it if you stubbed your toe that hard! I remember when I was little, a screen door fell on my big toe and it fell off, too. It was gross, but kinda cool, too. :)

  2. that sleepover looks like it was fun, Nia! :)

  3. Nia - I am sorry about your toenail. I'm glad that the new nail is starting to grow in. It looks like you had fun at your sleepover! When I went to school, there were a brother and sister who were albino like Magdaline that went to school with me (they were older than me). Thank you for explaining about Magdaline being albino. Connie

  4. Hi Nia! I am sorry to hear about your toe. I didn't know you had hurt it. Which toe was it? What color is the new toe nail? I am glad that you are able to have sleep overs in your new home, as I know how you love them. Who is Blayne? He looks like a cutie! My countdown calander says only 76 more days until you all come to visit! Yeah, Love, Grandma