Friday, August 7, 2009

Me and the team on the team's week here

Dear my friends,

I hope you're having a good time. There are 85 days until we go visit America. It's Friday, August 7 today.

Tonight we had church. I cried when I found out the team was leaving. We had a team here for one week. They were from America. The United States of America. This week we did 4 days of Bible school. It was in the mountains. The town was called Chabin.

VBS was FUN. The last day of VBS we got balloons. But one of the boys were crying because he lot his balloon. So I gave my balloon to him. I served food every day. I did games. My favorite games were the water games. It cooled me down. Ahhh! Almost everyday I was in the green class. Just once I was in the yellow class. Do you know what my favorite thing about the yellow class was? No? I will tell you. My favorite thing about the yellow class is that the CRAFTS are first. And I like the crafts.

I liked this team a lot. Chelsea Loomis was on it. And Chelsea Cyr. And Ms. Teresa. And Spencer and Eli. And Jenna. And Merry. And Cecily. And Mr. Eddie and Mrs. Tracy. We had lots of fun. I already told you this but I was really, really, really sad when the team left.

Here are a few pictures from our week.

This is Ms. Teresa at VBS. I like Ms. Teresa. I like her because I like to hang out with her. She has a cute little skirt. It has flowers all over it.

This is me in my "Joy in Hope" shirt. I like that shirt because it's pink. And you KNOW I like pink.

Me serving food. It's FUN serving food. Nico got mad because he couldn't serve food because he was too little. Every VBS day we ate beans and rice. They are good. The first two days we had hotdogs with it. And then we started having fish for two days. I liked both of them the same.

Me on the slip and slide with Chelsea Cyr and Tina.
I have to go now but I will see you guys later. I will see you in 85 days but I will probably blog before 85 days. Maybe I won't.



  1. Thank you for your wonderful blog. I sure hope you blog againg before you come to America. The United States of America. And guess what?? I will see you before 85 days because I am coming to Haiti in Oct! Yea! I am so excited! I am glad you had such a good time with the team. I am sure they were sad to leave you too. Love you sweet Nia.

  2. I am so glad that you had fun at VBS, Nia! ANd I am sure you were a GREAT food-server.

    And I really hope I get to see you in 85 days. Cause I miss you. And Cana (not Cayna Mangine, Cana Strayer!) wants to meet you. She told me. Well, she didn't really tell me, but I know she does!

    xoxoxoxoxo (give some of those to Nico and Jos for me, OK?)

  3. I sure do hope you blog before 85 days, girly!
    It looks like VBS was fun. Your Bender cousins went to VBS here in the United States a few weeks ago and they had FUN, too!
    I love you, sweetpea,
    Love, Auntie Gretchen

  4. Hi Nia,
    I just found out you have a blog, and I am enjoying reading it. Thank you for writing a blog about our team. We loved hanging out with you in Haiti and we miss you! Glad you had fun at VBS. You were such a HUGE help, so thank you! Great blog - you are a very nice writer! Hope you are doing well!

    Love, Tracy Mullins

  5. NIA!!! I just discovered you have a blog! I must admit, you are the ONLY little girl that I know who has a blog. I knew you were special from the first time I met you, and you have proved it once again! I enjoy reading your blog. I especially like the photos of you with your new crown, and the purple flowers ... that is my favorite color... I think I already told you that. :-) I especially like reading about the week that our team was in Haiti.

    It is barely September, and the weather has cooled off in NC. Hopefully, you won't find it too cold when you come in October. I can't wait to see you.

    Love, Ms. Teresa

    PS... today, I am wearing a PINK shirt that is full of little flowers! I thought you'd like that. :-)