Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New things in my life.

I have a lot of new things in my life.

Like new security guards. And new toys. And a new light. Let me explain them all.

First is the new security guards. We have 3. Their names are Daniel (who is also called Black), Rodler, and Nene. Nene comes in the night. Daniel comes in the day and night sometimes. Rodler comes in the day, never at night.
I drew this picture for Daniel/Black because he's nice. In the picture we are walking on a bridge. The car is not about to hit us because it is going slowly. And also since Black is there, he is there to protect me so he won't let a car hit me.

The second new thing is my doll. For a long time (since I was 2) I had a doll named Jessica. BUT, her arm fell off. Not actually FELL off, Nico and Josiah pulled it off. Brothers! Well Nico and Josiah like dolls, why did they do that to my doll? Nico asked if he could have the one that he pulled the arm off. I said yes because I don't want it. It's dumb to have a doll with no arm.

My new doll's name is a secret. But I bet if ONE person in the whole wide world could guess, it would be Granddad. Does that give you a hint?

The third thing is my new light. Nosega put it on the wall for me. Can you believe I lived in a room with no light for 11 months? And now it is better for guests because they use my room and now my room has more light. They don't need to have the bathroom light on now to make light in the room.

Ta Da!

That's all for now.
Next on my blog, I will have more stuff to say.



  1. It is great that you have some nice men to keep you and your family safe and I am glad that I got to meet them when we visited! I think I know the name of your doll, but I won't type it here, as you said it was a secret! Keep her safe from your brothers! A light in your bedroom----AWSUME!

  2. does it...

    start with an 'A'
    and end with an 'A'


  3. I bet I know your doll's name! :)
    Miss you, girly. Love you lots and lots,
    Auntie Gretchen