Saturday, November 20, 2010

Really Funny Thing

Yesterday I was playing the game 20 Questions.

The game 20 Questions is when someone thinks of a person and then another person asks the person who is thinking of a person questions about him or her.  And then, after 20 Questions that they asked, they try to guess the person.  So one day,  I was playing 20 Questions with my mom and--you know our security who name is Daniel or Black?--my mom was thinking of a person and I was asking her questions about it.  And I said: "Is he black?"--BUT I was saying the color black, is his skin black.  So my mom thought it was the person Black.  Then I told her what I really meant.  We laughed and laughed!

love  nia



  1. The funniest thing about the whole affair was that it actually WAS Black I was thinking of. So when she said, "Is he Black?" I said, "Yes! Wow, you got that one quick!" And then she explained that she meant his skin color. We did have a good laugh. Didn't we Nia?

  2. 20 Questions are a lot of questions! It is a fun game and it is good to laugh. Did you a good time on your trip to Port Au Prince today? I love you!