Thursday, May 10, 2012



I really enjoy crafts.  It's one of my most favorite things to do.  Another one of my favorite things to do is read, but I want to talk about crafts today, not reading.

These are some of the crafts I've made recently.  I will explain them as I go along.

This is a treasure box I made.  It is made out of a cigar box, paper, glue, glitter, gemstones, and seaglass.  And colored duct tape.

This is it opened.

This is a book I made out of two really hard pieces of cardboard, string, beads, paper, stamps, glue and a pencil.

This is a piece of paper that I put in it for the inside of the cover.  I made it by crumpling up paper, then uncrumpled it and passing ink over it.

These are the paper and cardboard beads I am making.  I make them out of glue, sticks, and paper or cardboard.  After they are made, we glaze them.

This is my underwater scene.  It's an example of painting with paper.  I learned about my mom's aunt, Diana, who did this a lot.  I also learned about it in a book called, "Henri Matiss: Drawing with Paper."   He mostly painted, but when he got old, he couldn't paint.  So then he started drawing with paper.  His assistants would paint the background.  He cut out shapes in bed. And then his assistants tacked them to the wall and moved the position until he liked it.  I named this one, "Ocean Reef."

This is my tree I made the same way.  I named it, "Scrap Tree."

This is a piggy bank I made out of a Pringles can, the paper that I had under my watercolors when I paint, and colored packing tape.

This is a bracelet I made with the "ladder bracelet method."  I used wooden beads, paper beads that I made from paper I stamped, and elastic string.  The paper beads I made are falling apart on the ends, so we have to be careful.  Now I know how to make them better.

 This is an anklet that I made out of some paper beads that my mom made.  Since it is green and red, my mom called it, "Rockstar Christmas."  But I didn't understand and so I have been calling it "Rasta Christmas."

I have other crafts that I am going to make soon, so if you like crafts, be sure to come back again sometime to see what I've made.



  1. wow. great blog I love all of your crafts! I like to do crafts too!

  2. Beautiful, Nia. I enjoy reading your post. -- Maria

  3. I love seeing the things that you made when I was there and also the new ones that you are making. You are becoming a wonderful artist! Remember to keep sending me a list of supplies that you would like me to collect for you! Love, Grandma