Saturday, October 3, 2009

My adventure with mom and two midwives

Dear friends,

Today I went on an adventure with two midwives. Anise went too because we were going to one of the midwives' house to check on Anise's baby. (She's pregnant now.)

After we brought Anise back we went to visit two little babies that were born yesterday. They were SO cute. And they were next door neighbors. Sarah (the midwife) helped the ladies have the babies. My mom went with her in the middle of the night last night to drive Sarah there.

Here's some pictures.

I hope you like the little baby pictures.

Me and Sarah measuring Anise. You do this to see how big the baby is.

Me and Sarah hearing the baby's heartbeats. I got to hear mine too. They baby heartbeat was faster and softer than my heartbeat because it had to go through Anise's skin, her uterus, the baby's skin and then to the heart. On mine it just had to go through my skin.

Me and Sarah feeling Anise's baby inside her tummy. It felt like the baby was laying sideways. The head was at the bottom and the back was on the left side and the arms and legs were on the right side. The butt was up top. Right here I am touching the baby's butt!

Sarah is showing me the chart for the weeks. Every week she measures Anise's tummy and feels around. Today she measured 37 cm. There are three more weeks left before the baby is born.

This is the little baby girl we went to visit. She does not have a name yet.

This is the baby girl and her mommy.
Sarah (one of the midwives) holding the little boy. The little boy was wearing PINK!

The mother and the little boy.

These are the little kids at that home. And me. They liked me a lot.

At this adventure, I had fun. It was a long trip. When we went home, my mom bought me a soda because I was really thirsty.

I will see you guys later.

Have a nice day.


  1. awesome nia! so excited for you to get to see such cool things.

  2. Very cool, Nia! It's always great to have such kind helpers!

  3. Wow, Nia-- you have such wonderful adventures in Haiti!! Did you feel Anise's baby move at all?