Sunday, November 15, 2009

My time in America: The garbage truck + Monkey Joe's + my lunch with my friends + Halloween + snow

Dear my friends,

Tomorrow is my second to last day in America. On Wednesday we're leaving to go back to Haiti. It's very short to Wednesday. I don't really know what that means.

I have had a good time in America. I have had a doughnut and ice cream without my brothers going with me. I got to play in the snow in New York. On Halloween night of course I went trick or treating. I dressed up as a bride. My grandma made the costume. She didn't pin it, she sewed it. In Manteo we did, "Happy First Christmas" in the shed. I got to be Mary because last time I was the angel.

Here we go in pictures.

"X House" Why did the house have an X on it? You can tell us in your comments.
"Playing in the snow!"

Abbie, a shepherd. Me, Mary. Cana, the little baby Jesus.

Going out to lunch with Molly and Presley and their parents.

At Monkey Joe's. It was a fun party.

Josiah chewing on pizza.

Daddy about to take a bite of pizza.

Tucker's birthday cake.

Me and Grandad in his garbage truck!

I am sorry. I have to go now. And also, I am sorry because there are not a lot of pictures.

See you later. I will try to do it soon...


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  1. Nia I miss you already :(
    But I sure am glad we had a little time to ourselves. I really enjoyed your visit to Manteo. Next time I think we need a bigger house!!!