Friday, September 25, 2009

My “Pulling Through Things” Magnet Experiment

We did an experiment today to try to figure out what magnets could pull through. We took a strong magnet and we put a piece of paper in between a pile of books. So this way, we could have it pull through the paper. We used a paper clip, a metal washer, a thumb tack, and a straight pin. By moving the magnet underneath the paper, we could make the stuff move all around, all around, all around. It even made the thumbtack dance, dance, dance.

Then we knew that magnets could pull through paper. So after that we tried cardboard. It could pull through it. The next thing was plastic. It could pull through that. And then we tried plastic and cardboard and paper together. And it could STILL pull through that. So THEN we tried a whole BOOK. And it could work through the book! But then we tried two books together. But that didn’t work. The magnet wasn’t strong enough to pull through two books.

The second part of our experiment was with magnets and water. We got a bowl of water and two corks. We put a thumbtack in each cork and then set them in the water. The corks floated. Then we took the magnet and put it under water and we could move the corks across the water with the magnet. And then we put the magnet under the water and we could pull the corks under the water and make them stay with the magnet—even though they usually float.

Wow. Magnets are strong.

See you later.
There’s no pictures for today. I’m sorry.


PS- We took Bigsby to the beach and we put him in the deep water where he could not stand. And he did NOT drown. He stayed up! He could swim! Bigsby knows how to swim and he’s only eight weeks old. That was cool. I love Bigsby. He’s a cute cutie!


  1. Very interesting experiments! Did you know that there is a magnet pull in the earth? I am sure you will learn about it. Also,sometimes hospitals use magnets to tell what is wrong inside of sick people. It is called an MRI. I can't have that test because I have a little piece of metal in my kidney and it would pull it out! So mangets can work through people too!

  2. I remember a game where you move a bee through a maze with a magnet and a face game where you can use a magnet to make hair with little itty bitty pieces of metal. I might still have something like that around the house! Maybe we can find them when you visit in 34 more days!