Thursday, May 20, 2010


Dear my friends,

Didn't I surprise you doing this? I was planning to do this because I wanted to trick you. No, I really wasn't planning to not do it in a long time, I just forgot.

My life has changed a lot. I don't know how much has changed, but I feel different. I feel different because I have too many people to talk to. I have to play whatever they tell me to play. These people are my sisters and brothers.

These are my brothers and sisters names:
Jean Louis- he's very funny
Jerry- he's very naughty
Fritzie- the oldest kid in the family
Yves- has had three boils on his body since we've had him
Wildarne- likes to play babies a lot
Prisca- I know how to spell her name
Nico- The same as Jean Louis
Josiah- fè dezod (makes trouble)
Then there's me. Nia Mangine. I like to do the right things.

I know how to speak Kreyol now. Like this, "blah blah blah blah." (just kidding.)

Okay. I will try to blog tomorrow. Maybe I will take some pictures. Of Haiti. Where I live.



  1. What a nice surprise! I have missed your blog updates, I am glad that you did one again. I was always the youngest sister, so I always had to play what everyone else told me to, as well.

  2. Yeah Nia! I loved finding the surprise on your blog! The surprise is that you posted something! I know it must be hard at times to have so many brothers and sisters, especially when they are older than you. You are very kind to go along and play whatever they want to play, but remember, you have good ideas too! Check out your Mom and Dad's e-mail. I sent you a joke question! I love you! Grandma

  3. that you broke your blog silence! i have missed your blogs so much!