Friday, May 21, 2010

List of favorites

  • favorite food- Macaroni and cheese
  • favorite color- pink or purple
  • favorite movie- Dr. Doolittle
  • favorite song- Happy Day
  • favorite place to be- restaurant
  • favorite music group- crosspointe
  • favorite brother- can't say, but the cutest brother is Josiah
  • favorite sister- can't say, but the cutest sister is Wildarne
  • favorite mom- my mom
  • favorite dad- my dad
  • favorite car- our car
  • favorite toy- baby doll
  • favorite game to play- Pet shop (I have had Pet Shop for 2 years)
  • favorite Bible verse- Phillipians 2:4 (I only know it in Creole though)
  • favorite thing to do on the weekend- crafts
  • favorite sport- t-ball
  • favorite teacher- can't say because my teacher right now is my mom
  • favorite thing I hope to get for my birthday on July 1- craft stuff, because I am kind of like an artist


  1. Hi Nia! I liked reading about your favorite things, but I have a question. What kind of car is your car, and what color is it?

  2. craft stuff....hmmmm...wonder how i can get it there?/

  3. I think you will be getting craft stuff for your birthday and you are like an artist because you like to make things, draw and color! I am saving stuff from my sewing room as I clean sort through it. Should I make a box that says "Nia" on and put stuff for you in that? Then when somebody is traveling down to Haiti I can send it along. I love You!