Friday, May 28, 2010

My Alliteration book

My friends,

My alliteration book was fun to do. I finished it today. An alliteration is a sentence where each word begins with the same letter or sound.

I wrote and illustrated it. We did every letter of the alphabet in order.

Here's a few pictures from it.

Here are the alliterations I chose for each letter.
  • Annie ate an awesome apple.
  • Bobby's brown bed became blue.
  • Connie's cat can claw curtains.
  • Donnie's dog does dishes.
  • Ellie Elephant eats everything.
  • Fritzie Freff feels fuzzy feathers.
  • Gail gives good girls great gum.
  • Henry has honey ham.
  • In India, Ida ices icky iguanas.
  • Joyful Jennifer jumps jelly.
  • King Ken kissed kind kittens.
  • Lila Loose loves ladybug's laughs.
  • Mikey's mom makes more music.
  • Nico's niece, Nia, naps noisily.
  • Old octopi own orange olives.
  • Peter Pan paints pennies pink.
  • Queen Quack quilts quickly.
  • Ryan ropes rare rabbits.
  • Sammie sips strawberry soda.
  • Tink Toodles talks tough.
  • Uncle Ulysses unties underwear.
  • When will William Wong want wonderful wontons?
  • Xavier xrays xylophones.
  • Yolanda yawns yellow yarn.
  • Zachary zips zero zippers.
This book took me a long time to do. We started over a year ago and finally finished today.

I am sad and happy that I finished the book. I am sad because I can't do it anymore. I am happy because I finished it.



  1. WOW,what wonderful word wisdom.

    Betty (Kelsey's and Courtney's Grandma

  2. Oh my gosh Nia! That's awesome! I didn't learn that stuff until middle school. Congrats! :)

    Emma (Mrs. O'Connell's Daughter)

  3. I love it! Please keep it special and when I get to Haiti in a couple of months, you can read it to me and then I can see all the pictures! I already copied down the sentences and I think I will use them at work! thanks for sharing! I love you!