Friday, February 20, 2009


Hello blog readers,

Thanks for voting on my blog.
Tomorrow night is the Daddy Daughter Ball. Since the white dress is the winner, I am going to wear the white dress. I will paint my fingernails the color of wine. I will have my mom take pictures and put them up here.

I have a lot of pictures today. Better look at all of them. Because there's a lot of them.

"My brother, Grumpy Josiah, and my dad's hairy arm"

"My brother, Grumpy Josiah"

"Pirate Nico"

"My silly mommy"

"Another picture of my silly mommy"
"The silly mommy of me"

"Me. Silly."

"Me. Another silly."

"Green Mom and Me"
"Purpleish Blue Mom and Me"

"Pinklish Purple Mom and Me"

My blog has a lot of pictures.



  1. I love the pictures, Ninny! Was Josiah grumpy because he got in trouble for coloring on the wall?

  2. I realy like the picture that you shaded pink. Nia, the picture with you with the BLUE eyes is scary to me. I like your natural blue eye!
    love, Grandma

  3. great pics. you really are talented! love the grumpy josiah and the funny faces!