Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh yes, hi!

We are glad that you saw the pictures on my blog. What we did is cleaned the lens on my camera, so the pictures after today should be clearer. I didn't know you weren't supposed to touch that part and there might have been fingerprints on it.

Here are the pictures I took last night night and today. I am liking taking these pictures and having a blog. I hope you are liking it too.

"My doll with her hair sticking out"

"My glass stuff that is on the window"

"My dad's bouncy balls that we put in lamps"

"My mom's glass that we hanged by the window."

"My dad's castle that he built"

"My brother playing the drum"

"My dad and my brother sitting by the castle that my dad made"


  1. It's no wonder so many people look at your blog. It is very enjoyable. You photos are very, very good. I really enjoy them. I'm glad you have a camera and a new hobby!

  2. I had fun looking at your blog with you! Nia, you can even read all the works describing your pictures! Love, Grandma