Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh yes, hey!

I love Haitian Spaghetti.
It's so good.
You gotta try it. Try it. Try it.

Here is the recipe. My dad will tell you how to make it because he makes it really good.

So what is Haitian Spaghetti? It's spaghetti that Haitians eat.
Somethings that are in it:
  • really, really good
  • there's ketchup in it
  • there's hotdogs in it (if you want)
  • and there is onions in it, but you don't really taste the onions that good
  • spaghetti
We're going to try to look for it but my camera is still missing. Too bad for me. I am not really that good of a parent to my camera.


1 comment:

  1. Maybe when I come visit you, your Dad can make me some Haitian spaghetti. Sounds yummy.