Sunday, July 26, 2009

I went to Danny's birthday and the beach

Hi friends,

Today I went to the beach. It was fun. Everybody except for Nego and Ellen went. Yesterday we did a party for Danny's birthday. And what I am doing right here in this first picture is painting a pinata.

Here, at the next picture, you will see me pinata-ing the pinata.

Here I am teaching Lovelie Creole. These are the colors in English and Creole. Like blue, red, yellow, white, pink, orange, purple, black, green and brown. You say them: ble for blue, wouj for red, jòn for yellow, blan for white, woz for pink, jòn abriko for orange, mov for purple, nwa for black, vet for green and mawon for brown.

This is me hugging Riann. You can't really see it, but we both have little tubes on. Riann has pink and I have green. Riann's had all sorts of swim stuff on it. And mine has frogs on it.

This is mommy and daddy. Mommy is looking at daddy. And daddy is smiling at us.

I have to get going but I wanted to tell you one more thing. Our roof is leaking. Even though it's tin. (Well, it's only tin in the kitchen.) There's a lot of water on the floor, but now we put a bucket that way we can catch it. That was pretty smart, huh?

I have to get going now. Bye.



  1. Wow, Nia... that looks like fun! What was inside the pinata?

  2. I was wondering what was in the Pinata also. Does candy melt in Haiti?
    I think you can be a good teacher. You can teach the kids english and even some sign lanuage!
    I miss you! Grandma

  3. I have waited for you to post a new blog! thank you!
    you have very interesting blogs. I miss you and I miss your family and I miss Haiti. Espically the beach! I'm glad you had a good time :)

  4. Tia and Grandma,

    Candy was in the pinatas. I think you knew that because candy is ALWAYS in pinatas. Well, not always, but a lot of times.

    It wasn't chocolatey candy it was sweet, lollipoppy kind of candy, and gum.

    Thank you for your comments.
    Love, Nia