Monday, July 13, 2009

The story of Josiah and the diesel

Dear my friends,

Thanks for reading my blog.  It's fun knowing you.  I liked getting the comments from my funny little cat story.

This morning my mom and my dad went to the doctor.  They are not sick, they just needed a checkup.  They do that almost everyday.  (Mom's editorial note:  we are in the process of trying to get a Haitian "certificate of health" for our residency and it is proving a bit challenging-- not because we are unhealthy, but because the system is pretty silly, so yes, we do go almost every day.)

Well, when my mom and dad were gone, Josiah started playing with the diesel container.  We use that to get gas for the generator.  And Josiah started playing with it and he figured out how to take off the top.  And he started spilling it all over the ground.  (Don't worry, it was outside.)  I quickly told Nahomi.  Don't worry, he didn't spill it all.  Nahomi took the diesel away from him and set it somewhere where he couldn't reach it.  And then my mom and dad came home and I told them what happened.  And they started cleaning up the ground.  And that was actually a funny thing, because we don't clean up the ground, unless there is garbage all over it.  

So that was the story of Josiah and the diesel.

Everyone has started calling him, "Josiah dezòd la."  That means "Josiah, the un-good boy." (Editorial note: it actually, literally means, "Josiah, the disorderly." )

And we are unhappy with him because of this story.


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  1. i think i want to learn how to say that in creole. it was fun talking to you today!