Sunday, July 12, 2009

How to make French Bread Pizza

French bread pizza is french pizza, but the crust is bread. I had it on my birthday, which is July 1. I am six years old now. French bread pizza is good. I made it. Here is how you make it. (Mommy took all these pictures since we can't find my camera again.)

First, I am crushing the cheese. (Editorial note from mom: we freeze cheese when we buy it in Haiti, so even shredded cheese sort of needs to be "re-shredded.")

I am holding the cheese I already shredded up. When mommy took this picture, I said "di fromaj" which means, "say cheese," just like my blog is called.

You need to have an adult cut up the bread for you. Then you can put sauce on it.

Next you sprinkle cheese all over it.

Then, you put it in the oven. This is me looking at the pizza in the oven.

Then it's done. This is me eating my pizza. Yum yum! I got to use the birthday plate because it was my birthday!


  1. YUM-O! That looks good, Nia! I am going to have to make that sometime! And by the way, you definitely look 6-- you're looking very grown-up indeed!

  2. I MISS YOU!!! and now I want some french bread pizza! you do a wonderful job teaching us how to make it.