Monday, November 23, 2009

How things are back in Haiti

Hey my friends,

I have had fun back in Haiti. You know I met Jean Louis because I mentioned it last time.

For the first time in a long time yesterday I went to the beach. It was good. The water was rough so we couldn't go in deep and there was a lot of seaweed. The Haitian people call the seaweed "fatra" which is the same word for trash.

Whiskey, who is one of Nixon's boys, he went out too deep and pulled out cause the ocean got really strong. He almost drowned. And then Mr. Danny and my dad were brave enough to go out and get him. And they helped him swim back. And everyone was okay. I really like that Whiskey came back and didn't drown. It was a little scary. My mom has told me that could happen and so that's why we're not allowed to go in deep unless she or daddy is holding me.

When I heard the name Whiskey that my mom said, I didn't really remember which boy of Nixon's he really was. But I know him now.

I have had a fun time at school today. I ate peanut butter toast for breakfast, but I didn't eat all of it because the peanut butter made my tummy hurt. I actually didn't even eat the toast, I just took some finger licks of the peanut butter. Prisca reminded me about the peanut butter and so I took another lick and she was right-- it WAS the peanut butter that made my tummy hurt. It's better now. Do you know how it tasted different? It actually didn't taste different, it just FELT different in my mouth. It was really light not thick.

I am sorry, the connection is really slow and we can't do pictures, but I will try to take some this afternoon and maybe I can share some on tomorrow or Wednesday.

I hope that you are doing good.




  1. WOW! I am glad that Whiskey is ok. That must have been very scary! I like him. He is really a nice guy.I didn't know the water got really rough there. It does that here too sometimes.
    Glad you are feeling better. Maybe you need to stir up the peanut butter. Sometimes the oil will seperate from it and go to the top of the jar.
    Thanks for posting! I look forward to each new blog. :)

  2. Hi Nia, I am glad that you listen to your parents and stay safe in the ocean. I am looking forward to to going to the beach with you when we come visit. Maybe we can go to the beach up on the new land. So, do you eat seaweed in Haiti? Some of it is supposed to be very good for you. Do you think you have to put salt on it, or is it already salty from the ocean?