Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All about babies like Dave

A couple of days ago I met a baby called Dave and his mother was named Michoue. I held the baby and I have a picture of that. He’s a nice cute little baby and I liked holding him. He was little and a tiny chubby, He was really cute, which I already said that, didn’t I? I really liked him and when Anise’s baby was born, which is one of Danny’s nannies, Nico said to my mom, “We have a new baby now!” And mom said, “No, it’s Anise’s baby.” And Nico said, “But Anise is going to come live with us now right?” And mommy said, “No.” And Nico understood that he wasn’t our baby.

Babies are cute but I don’t like when they spit up on me. I bet you don’t like that too. That’s enough about babies. And that’s enough on my blog post today. I didn’t want to talk about a lot. Just babies. Cause they are really cute.



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  1. You were a pretty cute baby too! and I didn't even mind if you spit up on me. :)