Friday, November 20, 2009

Meeting Jean Louis + getting a cheerleader outfit

Hey my friends-

I had a fun day yesterday and today. I got a cheerleader outfit in America from a friend named Anna. That day I had a fun day too. Do you know that I was at a party when I got it, because we went to Anna's house for the party? And she had two sets of pom poms and so she gave one set to me. I really liked my time with Anna.

And also, I met Jean Louis yesterday. He's nice. He's shorter than I thought he was. I colored with him yesterday. You'll see a picture of that. When Jean Louis colors, he likes to use a lot of colors in his picture. He's going to come over today too. Me and Jean Louis walked to the beach yesterday with my mom. It was nice, but the water was rough and garbage-y.

My heat rash came back. I think it might actually be an allergy to Haiti. Ha ha. Funny joke, huh? It's actually just heat rash.

My mom has scheduled my lessons for next week and as part of my school I am going to do blog posts 3 days next week.

I will post pictures next time.



  1. I think I would like Jean Louis; I like to color with lots of colors, too.

  2. I am glad you are getting to know Jean Louis a little bit.Did he like the beach?? Tell me when you say his name does it 'sound' like Jean or John??

  3. I'll be looking forward to reading your blogs Nia! Jean Louis looks like he will be a good big brother! Does he like Haitian Spaghetti?

  4. Nana,
    It sounds more like John. He does like the beach. He knows how to swim.

    I don't know if Jean Louis likes Haitian spaghetti. I will ask him. He does like to eat cat though.