Monday, May 4, 2009

Some of Nia's pics...

We didn't have internet before and now that we do she is sleeping... so I thought I would put them up so you (her blog-reading friends) can see... check back later... perhaps she will wish to edit with comments...

EDITED TO ADD: Nia is up and wanted to name her pics... so here you go.

A kid at the beach doing a handstand

Josiah standing on the sand at the beach

The beach: Water, land, a view

Water and sky and part of a broken boat.

Grandma, I want to show you this picture. Because I know that you made this shirt for the boys. We gave this shirt to the neighbor boy, Farfar, when we were here last November, and he passed it down to his sister, Micheline. She was wearing it today. Cool, huh?


  1. You sure do live in a beautiful home, Nia! (And wow, I wish I could do a handstand like that!!)

  2. Awsume! I am glad that you are able to pass on cloths to the kids! I'll have to start sewing some more!

  3. You take beautiful pictures!