Sunday, May 3, 2009

No pictures today.

Dear all my friends that read my blog,

I want to say that I don't have any pictures today.  But I am blogging today.  I will take some tomorrow.  It's been a very good day today.  I played in the rain with my bathing suit on.  It was so fun.

Elinda is one of my friends here.  And Tina.  And Vania.  And Riann. And Slendia.  And also all of the Haitian Children's Home.

Sorry I haven't been able to make phone calls.  Hopefully I can call some of you soon!



  1. Wow, Nia! It sounds like you have a lot of friends in Haiti. But you're just that kind of girl-- you have friends wherever you go :)

  2. Guess what?? Your cousins played in the rain today too! IN THEIR BATHING SUITS!
    AND Micah learned to ride a two wheeler this weekend!!!!