Wednesday, May 6, 2009

La bouyi

Dear all my friends,

Tonight for dinner I ate la bouyi.  It's like a milky porridge that sort of tastes like oatmeal.  The kids here eat it for dinner a lot.  I like it middlesized.  I don't love it but I don't not like it.  Josiah loves la bouyi.  Today for lunch we had a Haitian soup.  It had carrots.  It had plantains.  It had potatoes.  It had dumplings, which I like to call wipers.  I don't know why I call them that.  But I do.  I love wipers.  It also had spinach or something in it.  I had two bowls of it.  It also had a little meat in it. It was really yummy but I didn't care for the plantains in it.  Neither did my mom.  But my dad liked that part so he ate all our plantains.

We went to our new house today to unpack a little bit.  I was a good helper.

I had fun today.  I made a crown.  My dad helped me.  He cut it out.  It has hearts on it and it is red and pink.  In creole red is called wouj and pink is called woz.  I am wearing the crown right now.

This is my day.



  1. Do you like fried plantians? We had those when I was in Haiti with you. I liked them. I don't like much meat. The wipers sound good. Do you say that like wiper as in windshield wiper? Just wondering.
    Maybe you and your mom can post recipes on your blog for some of these interesting dishes. Is the porridge the same as Sandra makes?
    I love you sweetie. Tell your brothers I love them too.
    PS don't forget that Mother's Day is on may want to think of a special surprise for your mommy :)

  2. I loved talking to you, Nia. I hope I get to try some wipers someday!