Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hello Everybody-

Dear My Friends,

I hope you're having a good time and lots of fun. I think that's the same thing (a good time and lots of fun.)

Today and last night I played in the pool. It's a little pool. It's fun. I live in an apartment in Port Au Prince for mommy and daddy's language school. It's fun living in a new house and having a new mosquito net for my bed.

I realized my blog is named the wrong thing. I think it was supposed to be "di fromaj" that means, "say cheese" in Creole. I am learning more Creole. I am learning it by my mom and dad. And Naomi. Naomi is our "helper." Naomi helps clean our house and watches the kids while my mom and dad are in language school. She's Haitian. I like her. Especially her new hair. It's long and braided. I love it. Nico and Josiah love it too. Nico keeps saying, "Mom, Naomi is CUTE!"

There's bugs here tonight. It's a swarm. Swarm means a lot of bugs in each house. They are not biting bugs but I still hate them. They fly. They are all over. It's not fun having a swarm. Or funny.

Church in Haiti is fun. I went to church. Today I learned about helping and last time I learned about sharing. I get to go to children's church. That's where I leared about helping and sharing. There's other kids there. I have fun. You guys don't know this but, I know that they speak English at this church in Port Au Prince. It's my church. Well sort of my church. It's everyone's who goes there.

Maybe tomorrow I can post some pictures.



  1. Hi Nia! It was good to read your new post. I would not like the bugs, either. I am glad you are learning good things at children's church.

  2. Thanks for updating us, Nia! I miss you!
    Ask Mommy if you can Skype call me sometime this week and then you can talk to your cousins, OK?
    I love you, honey!

  3. FINALLY! I HAVE WAITED A HUNDRED YEARS FOR YOU TO POST A NEW BLOG! Ok...not really a hundred years but a long time! Reading your blogs is one of my most favorite things to do.
    I don't like swarms of bugs either. They are very pesty. If you go under your netting can they get in?
    I thought the word for "say" was "disa" but your blog says it is "di". So what does "dica" mean????
    Have a great week! I love you and miss you.
    Love is Always, Nana

  4. Dear Nana,

    "Di sa" means "say this"


  5. I'm so glad you updated your blog, Nini. I have been checking and checking and checking and checking. :)

    It sounds like you are having fun in Port au Prince. What sort of things do you do with Naomi when Mom and Dad are in language school? Does she live in your house in Port au Prince? I like the name Naomi.