Monday, September 21, 2009

Girls day

Dear My friends,

A couple of days ago I had a girls day. It's like a day that only girls are at one house. The boys were having a boys day going to Port Au Prince. The people were at home were: Fritizie, Mommy, Me, Nahomie, and Esther.

We went to the beach. Mama Leann brought some of her girls to the beach too: Riann, Tina, Slendia, Vania, Elinda, Blanca, Magdaline, Diane. I played in the water mostly. They had buckets there (like toys and stuff) so I filled one of the buckets with sand and then I found a long stick and I'd take the bucket and stick into the water. And then I'd try to write on the sand but I couldn't because the water was emptying all the sand out of the bucket. I wrote a little bit on it. I pretended to write words in cursive, even though I don't know hot to write in cursive yet. That's why I was pretending.

At the end of the girls day daddy came home and brought back our new chen (that's dog in Kreyol). His name is Bigbsy.

Here's some picture of our girls day.

Me snuggled and sleeping in mommy and daddy's big bed.

Mommy, Fritzie and Esther at breakfast.

We ate French Toast and we all drank from pink cups and white plates. Do you think those were good girl colors?

More eating.

Fritzie holding the fish that Nahomie is going to cook for lunch.

Fritzie and me in our material-made covers. You take a long piece of material and put it behind your back. Then you bring it in the front and take the two corners and cross it behind your neck and tie it. It's a cool cover. Ms. Pam taught me that cause she used to live in Africa.

Me and Fritzie at the beach. We were looking for crabs here. We found some. Fritzie found some so she was showing us. Fritzie is smiling but I am making my face silly.

Fritzie sticking out her tongue.

Me and our new little fuzzy dog, Bigsby.

I also got a french manicure on my nails that day but it kind of got chipped off in the ocean.

Have a nice day.


  1. Dear Nia,

    It sounds like you had a FUUUUNNNN girls' day! Isn't it nice to have a sister?! I liked having sisters when I was little, except that sometimes your mom and Auntie Gretchen were pretty mean to me. Actually, most of the time. One time they dared me to put my pinky in a pencil sharpener and it hurt a lot. But I know that YOU are not mean to YOUR sister!

    Your mom and dad have a BIG bed! Is that the same stinky mattress?

    Yes, I think pink cups and white plates are very good for a girls' day. Evie has the same cups!! But sometimes she spills... Do you ever spill?

  2. I love going to the beach in Haiti! I really like the warm, blue water! I hope we can go when I come to visit you in three and a half weeks!

  3. My heart skips a beat when I see that you have put something new on your blog! I love to read what you write. You always have interesting things to tell us and you are also teaching me about Haiti! I am glad that you are having fun with your new sister.

  4. It looks like you and Fritzie are really becoming close friends! That's so exciting! I always wanted a sister! You girls are both so beautiful! Your new chen is quite cute as well! :)

    PS: Do you remember me?