Friday, September 11, 2009

I started school!

Dear friends,

Four days ago I started school. I am still doing it almost everyday. Today is the day before I am doing my big break from school (Mom's editorial note: she means the weekend. :)

I really love school. It's fun here. We get to see Sandra for a little bit. My favorite thing to learn about is manners. I learned about manners today. It was about body language. I learned that sometimes your body can say something different than your words are saying.

I also learned how to tie. I will do a separate blog post teaching you all how to do that soon. When my arms get long enough and my neck gets long enough so I can see behind my back, I will be able to tie my dresses in the back. I can't tie in the back yet, but I can tie my shoes. Or I could help mommy tie her dress in the back if she needed it.

Here's some pictures. Now that we're back in school I can do blogs more often.

I hope you like my pictures.

One of the pictures in my alliteration book. I am not actually on "C" I am on "H." Today's alliteration I wrote was this, "Henry has honey ham." An alliteration is when you have a sentence and all the words start with the same letter. I am making a book of the whole alphabet with alliterations and pictures.

Mommy drinking coffee. We also have two other pictures of it. One of her holding it by her face because she loves it and one other of mommy kissing it. She really loves coffee.

My lesson plans for today and the books we used today.

I have to go now, my friends. I'll see you later.

Bye, my friends.



  1. Wow Nia great blog! Sounds like your mom is a good teacher. I think maybe your neck will not get long enough to see your back. Maybe you can practice with a mirror. Are we going to go on some field trips when I come to visit in THIRY FIVE DAYS?????
    Love you sweet girl!

  2. Hey, Nia! I really love reading your blog. This is Tammy. I miss Haiti! Hope I can come back and see you again soon!

  3. I am glad you are enjoying school, Ninny!!