Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My joke

I made up a joke the other day. Why don't I tell you it right now.
Question: "What do people up in the mountains call the bathroom?"

Answer: A bush!

That's funny because a lot of people there don't have bathrooms and pee in the bushes.

This is a different story now.
Today at school I was doing school and Nixon came down with a tray. And he gave me and Nico a strawberry Mexican drink that Sandra made, because she used to live near Mexico. It was a little hot like coffee. It was in a little coffee cup and had a plate that went under that matched. And Nixon gave us spoons too. It's really good. It made me feel really good.

Tonight we are sleeping at where my school is-- Nixon and Sandra's house. Mom and Dad are going to go out on a date and this way they can stay up late.

It's just over a month until I go to the States to visit!

I love you.
Have a nice day.



  1. Nia, did you make up that joke yourself?? It was very clever. In fact, I laughed so hard it made me cry! See you soon!

  2. I liked your joke!

    That sounds like a yummy drink!

  3. My count down calendar says 36 days until Grandpa and I pick you up at the airport in Raleigh, North Carolina! YEAH